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Coconut Lip Balm

Coconut picked just for you! Meet Beautitionary Coconut Lip Balm, a lightweight, moisture-infused clear lip treatment. Enriched with Coconut and sunflower oil, this balm locks in moisture while softening and nourishing lips. The ultra-emollient formula ensures lips are always super hydrated and never sticky.

Moisturizing Stick Lip Balm

Beautitionary Hydrate & Moisturizing Lip Balm All natural & Vegan lip balms formulated to keep your lips hydrated and moisture

Peppermint Lip Balm

Healing cracked lips with Beautitionary Peppermint Lip Balm As you know, peppermint oil is excellent for treating & healing the

Raspberry Lip Balm

Protecting & Soothing your lips with Beautitionary Raspberry Lip Balm Our Raspberry lip balm, Infused with ultra-protecting Raspberry, which is

Rose Lip Balm

Smoothing, Brightening your lips with Beautitionary Rose Lip Balm Beautitionary Rose Lip Balm Enriched with Rosehip oil known as “Oil

Vanilla Coffee Lip Balm

Natural Vanilla flavor with Coffee essential Oil Lip Balm Beautitionary Vanilla Coffee lip balm, Helps You Ease Into a Dreamier