1. How do I place an online order using pick up?

At checkout, select the shipping option “pickup”, Write down your available time. After completing the steps to finalize your purchase, you will receive two emails:

Order- Received for processing- This will confirm that we have received your order and we are processing it.

Order- Pickup Ready- This will confirm that your order is ready to be picked up with all pick up instructions.

2. How long does the Scrub last once opened?

We recommend using within 6 months of opening, our products do not have any chemical preservatives, so the best use will be within 6 months of opening.

3. How to use coffee scrub on my body?

Wet your skin, then massage the coffee scrub over your body with gentle circular motion, leave it on for few minutes or rinse off and follow with body lotion.

4. How often should I use my coffee scrub?

For an all natural up keep of healthy skin it is recommended to scrub a few times a month. Coffee Scrubs are generally most effective if used 2-3 times a week to exfoliate dead skin, and increase blood flow for healthier looking skin.

5. I do not want to have an ingredient in my Scrub, what should I do?

From menu, chose “shop”, and then “Make my Scrub”, you can make your own scrub from all the natural ingredients you like.

6. I need consultation before my purchase.

If you have any question, or need to know something, you can send us an email to : customerservice@beautitionary.com or follow us on Instagram : instagram.com/beautitionary and DM for prompt response.